Friday, January 21, 2005

Dear Jive Turkey,

We finally finished our new song "Second Cousin" last night, a jaunty tune about the forbidden fruit of family affairs. It was a long and painful birthing process, but Niki is convinced that it will be the Sweet Caroline to our Neil Diamond. I wonder if Neil had stretchmarks after writing his hit.

Steamy Quotes From Last Night's Show

On our future...

Niki: We're done! We're shitburg! We're going places!

On the past...

Niki: (reminiscing) I used to be a bartender. (sniffle)

Lainey: You'll always be a bartender to me.

Niki: (touched) Aw... (pause) huh?

Lainey: Now go get me a drink.

On witchcraft...

Niki and Lainey were both seperately really into witchcraft as wee steamies. They acquired as much reading material and supplies as possible.

Niki: I got disillusioned after I realized I couldn't do stuff with it.

Lainey: Me too, I was like, "I can't levitate things."

Niki: Levitate! I was like, "Why aren't you dead yet?!"

On flipper babies...

Niki: What's a coupla' flipper babies between family?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You girls need to talk less.


2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You girls need to talk less.


2:08 PM  
Blogger a-low said...

Hey hey... leave my girls alone

6:24 AM  
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