Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More halloweenie

The human floor makes our feet feel weird

Like wading through jello

The premier performance of the Suicide Doors


Behold our halloweenie!!!

Good times, good tunes, good buddies.
Don't miss the next Jerkus Circus on Thursday, November 17th!

Lainey is so coy!

Lainey and Niki suspiciously sneaking out of the ladies room.

Peter Dutton scares the shit out of some locals.

The lovely and hilarious Val Kappa. Note the fansuper sign.

Cap'n Jack Sparrow and the forbidden love of a Red Sox fan

The bellydancing majesty of miss Jenny Leigh

Niki and Michelle want to be bellydancers, or want to spell something.

Ben the bartender turns away in apathy.

niki and lainey!