Tuesday, January 10, 2006

26 to Watch in 2006

Finally, We're FAMOUS!!!!

Worcester's Sweethearts

The Steamy Bohemians - Nicole Luparelli & Lainey Schulbaum
Age 26 (both) :: Singers, Musicians, Comedians :: Worcester

What do you get when you mix music, comedy, and sex appeal? You get the Steamy Bohemians. After spending the last 2 years playing comedy festivals and clubs like the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, The Comedy Connection in Providence, and Jimmy Tingle’s Off Broadway, and racking up awards from the Lizard Lounge Comedy Contest and Laugh Across America, The Steamy Bohemians finally have their own show, “Circus Jerkus.” Lainey and Nicole met in college when both were studying voice and performing solo as stand-up comedians. They collaborated on a jingle for a massage parlor and immediately realized that two Bohemians are funnier than one. Just listen to songs “The Less You Talk, the More I like You,” “Is that Okay? (The Stalker Song),” and “My Love for You (The Mayonnaise Song) and you’ll agree. With original humor that ranges from the raucous to the marvelously silly, and playing an assortment of instruments including piano, guitar, voice, tambourine, banana shaker, finger cymbals and washboard, The Steamy Bohemians are single-handedly bringing back a nearly-lost form of entertainment, the variety show ~ and they’re bending, perverting, expanding, and Bohemianizing it with no apologies. When you come experience the SB’s for yourself (catch them every third Thursday at Ralph’s Chadwick Square Diner), remember that “Yes, you can buy us a drink… but no, we won’t split it.”


Niki and lainey

Monday, January 09, 2006

Jerkus Circus Post-Holiday Letdown Show!

The generic winter holiday season has passed and you haven't drunk yourself to death in a gutter.

Good job, champ!

Ugh, but now it's shitty January and you're still bummed out.

Well, chin up, soldier! We have just the medicine you need!

(No, not heroin!)

It's the Jerkus Circus Post-Holiday Letdown Show!

See Human Oddities from Around the World!
Starring :

Tony Moschetto: If you like to laugh uncontollably while simultaneously being slightly creeped out, well, you'll like him too.Swedish Bum

E.J. Murphy: South Boston's sweet Comedic Revenge
E.J. Murphy

Some Foreigners!

Alex Fulski- Funniest Non-talking comedian EVER!

Joe Wong- He's running for president, and your heart!

Sexy Ladies doin' stuff!
La Gata Negra
: These gorgeous masked ladies of wrestling will make you forget all your troubles while they kick your sorry ass!

Nikki (No, not our Niki) will bellydance your cares away. Bring your dollars, because it's hip to tip!

Plus all new jokes, put-downs, and sketches from the Steamies!

Bring everyone over 21 you've ever met!

The holidays may have let you down, but we won't!