Monday, October 30, 2006

This Thursday! Jerkus Circus: The fetish show. The Lizard Lounge

We will spank the shit out of you if you're not careful!

Welcome to Castle Von Steamy!

The Human floor gets squished by his Mistress!

Miss Demeanor shows you why she is a "Maneater."

Miss Adventure will juggle her way into your heart!

Bethany Van Delft is almost too hot to be so funny!

Any O' Fiesh will tell you his hilarious secrets while partially nude!

Little Red Coquette and La Belle Margaux will tantalize you!

The Boston Babydolls will teasingly undress for you!

LiveSexAct will play your favorite songs you may or may not have heard before!

Plus Other exclamations!

9:30 PM

Wear some fetish gear for a reduced ticket price!


niki and lainey


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