Thursday, October 12, 2006

We're not Salmon and we don't like to swim upriver.

So, in the spirit of hitching one's egg sack to someone else's fishy behind, we're paying tribute to the Rocky Horror Picture Show being put on by Foothills Theater in Worcester all month.....

Sweet Transvestites and slutty heroines, start darning your fishnets for The Rocky Steamy Horror Show!

Next Thursday at Ralph's; pageantry, themed burlesque, comedians we may or may not have had illicit sex behind a screen with, jugglers we want to make out with, and other phrases ending with a preposition

We will be dressed up. Other people you will probably want to hook up with will be also. The Ralph's staff will be in their underpants. You should be too! We will overlook the "no shoes, no shirt, no service" policy so that you can wear your boxer briefs and have a pabst.

Get drunk in your underwear! And also, go check out the foothills production!


niki and lainey


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