Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Welcome to Castle Von Steamy, Wormtown!

The people are more nude! There is more leather! We spank the crap out of everyone! New Story! Oh yeah, and a NEW FRICKEN SONG to be unveiled!

That's right, Bold and all Caps. We're not fooling around. This ain't no disco.

Next Thursday, it puts the lotion in the basket and the ball gag in its mouth!


The Human Floor Tons of chicks stand on him. Don't worry, he likes it. Or maybe you should worry.

Miss Adventure will juggle away with your heart. Probably the hottest juggler ever!

The Boston Babydolls will dance and disrobe for your leering pleasure!

Bethany Ven Delft falls into the "How can she be so funny and so hot?" conundrum.

Tony Moschetto will make you submissive with laughter

Andy O'Fiesh the naked comedian. Yes, naked. For Reals. And this is the only guy that's ever made Big V and Crazy Dave cry laughing.

And did we mention the band?

Holy Shit, we've managed to book FLUTTR EFFECT!

Anything can happen! You may even fall in love!

Tell everyone! Put our flyer on your myspace page if you dare. It will bring you good luck!

More Exclamations!


niki and lainey


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